Our Solution

We offer end-to-end solutions for industries to develop and operate their AI vision systems with AI and ML Frameworks to redefine Security & Surveillance, AI-based Cameras, security, and Edge AI Networking for delivering advanced solutions for transformation. Daanish Technologies provides a powerful software infrastructure to deliver all your AI vision applications for real-world Problems.

AI Robotics Vision

AI Robotics vision helps in delivering next-gen camera-based solutions with high-speed edge analytics and reduced power consumption to the customers.

3D Feature Tracking

3D feature tracking frameworks based on the detection and pose estimation of discriminative parts of the target object.

Our leading Robotics

We strive to support our technology partners in staying ahead of the curve by continuously innovating and investing in the latest AI Robotics technologies.

Edge Networking

Daanish Technologies have created software building blocks, frameworks, and wrappers to accelerate time to market and deliver results for our global clients from IoT, 5G, Networking & Wi-Fi, Video, and Audio space Years of experience.


Daanish Technologies ensures robust security integration across every phase of the AI vision lifecycle. Our commitment spans fortified applications empowering enterprise security to run on secure infrastructures, enforced with stringent data encryption measures. Trusted by over 100 satisfied industries, we prioritize delivering top-tier security solutions for seamless operations and protect data integrity.

Remote Support

We effort with the continuous operation of all applications with a focus on seamless delivery. Our teams implement a responsive and swift computer vision update strategy, prioritizing maintenance and quick adaptation. Their approach emphasizes early and effective issue detection, complemented by efficient problem resolution through integrated debugging tools supported by remote assistance for comprehensive support.


Daanish Technologies modular approach simplifies complexities by encompassing image processing, deep learning, and hardware integration. We offer Consultation on security and compliance enabling the creation of versatile cross-platform applications while staying agile with diverse AI models, cameras, and processors.


We offer industry-quality vision training from product hardware design, system firmware development to device connectivity with cloud platforms, security architecture, testing, and use-case-based analytics that include AI and ML-based strategies for data-driven business logic and manufacturing services. 

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