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Robotics vision refers to the use of computer vision techniques and technologies in the field of robotics. It involves using cameras, sensors, and other imaging devices to enable robots to perceive and understand their environment, and then make decisions based on that information. 

Robotics vision plays a crucial role in making robots more autonomous and intelligent.

Boost your business with AI Robotic Vision

Luxonis provides a wide range of computer vision cameras such as DepthAI, a stereo depth camera module that can be integrated into devices such as drones, robots and smart cameras. The DepthAI camera uses stereo vision to generate 3D point clouds, providing accurate depth data of the environment in real-time. This allows for applications such as obstacle detection, tracking, and mapping.

Leading Robotics Products From The Leading Supplier

1. Object Tracking
2D and 3D tracking with Object Tracker node

2. Stereo Depth
Perception with filtering, post-processing, RGB-depth alignment, and high Configurability

3. Run any AI based model

4. Encoding / Decoding

  • H.264, H.265, MJPEG –
  • 4K/75FPS
  • 4K/60FPS

5. Computer Vision
Warp/dewarp, resize, crop via ImageManip node, Edge Detection, and Feature Tracking. You can also run Custom CV Functions

Leading Robotics

Our DepthAI platform provides a glimpse into the diverse range of product applications. AI Robotic Vision represents the platform’s extensive capabilities for security and safety measures. 

3D Feature Tracking

3D Edge Detection

3D Feature Tracking

3D Object Pose

Semantic Segmentation

Face Recognition


Human Pose Estimation

Hand Pose Estimation

our Exclusive Store

Our AI Vision Store Daanish Technologies offers AI robotic vision services, including advanced security, ergonomic risk analysis, facial emotion analysis, face recognition, and precise object detection, empowering 100+ industries for exponential technological growth.






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