Unrivaled Connectivity with Ubiquiti

Power visualization and planning that allows you to stimulate a complete UniFi System for optimization and reliability.

Edge Networking​

Transmit your user-facing data securely by encrypting data, removing network hops, and controlling application access. Control and harness data across edge to cloud.

AI Robotics Vision

Robotic automated vision systems simplify the processing routine with incorporated vision in robotic blasting installations. 

Robotics Vision AI Platforms Edge Networking Secure Access.

Technology Solutions in Robotics Vision, AI, Machine Learning, Edge Networking, Secure Access, Security, Wireless, ISO & HIPAA Compliance, Technical Consulting and Managed Services.

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Our services revolve around seamlessly integrating and expediting the complete lifecycle of real-world AI vision. We Incorporate top-tier Edge networking and AI technologies with a no-code infrastructure, we specialize in crafting superior applications designed for scalable performance.

Robotics Vision

Object Detection, Image Recognition, Depth perception

Remote Support

We are available 24x7 to help our customers in critical time.

Edge Networking

Enterprise Networking, Wireless, SD-WAN, SASE, IoT, BYOD, High Density, Analytics, Routing, Outdoor Wireless, SD-A


RFPs, Deployment and Optimization Services


Security Services, Security Technology, Cyber Digital Transformation, Security Operations


Customized Training to help our customers

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Daanish Technologies proudly presents an extensive catalogue comprising 500+ advanced and featured products integrated with innovative AI & Edge capabilities serving 100+ industries for security enhancement and seamless business operations.



Ubiquiti Networks UniFi G2 Starter Kit






Ubiquiti Networks UniFi Pro PoE 48 Network Switch



OAK-FFC OV9282 M12 (22 pin)



Ubiquiti Networks WiFi 6 Pro Dual-Band Access Point






Ubiquiti Networks UniFi Dream Machine



Ubiquiti Networks UniFi EV Station Pro



Ubiquiti UniFi Indoor/Outdoor HD PoE AI 360 Camera




Redefining Construction Safety with AI Surveillance & Semantic Segmentation

Cobra Vision, a specialized construction firm transformed road maintenance and streamlined on-site painting with AI initiatives, like semantic segmentation, to identify and categorize people, vehicles, and structures in real-time, fostering heightened safety measures. AI extends to monitoring worker safety by ensuring adherence to safety gear protocols, minimizing accidents. Incorporating corner detection, pose estimation, spatial depth analysis, and object tracking bolsters their system, optimizing tasks and creating a safer, more efficient environment for painters and road maintenance, boosting productivity while mitigating risks on construction sites.

Industrial Automation with Advanced AI Solutions

Industrial automation is more accessible than ever with Daanish Technologies’ Advanced AI security and Automation Solutions. We provide consultation on AI Robotic Vision, Edge Networking Technologies, Security, Remote support, and Training to individuals working in industries for futuristic approach and growth.


Health Sector


law enforcement

Our Strategic Partner

Our collaborative synergy amplifies operational efficiency harnessing cutting-edge AI algorithms and robust networking with seamless data processing and transmission. Pave the way for transformative advancements in robotics with scalable solutions that redefine industry standards and drive sustainable growth.

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“Daanish consultancy services helped us to design the word class wireless network at healthcare facility”

James Dole

CEO of DL Associates

“Our pain points were taken aways by engaging Daanish audit & fix services”

Jawad Shaikh


“Their sales team really helped us identify the requirement by contributing to the RFP process”

Johnna Harrison

Executive Director

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Frequently asked

AI cameras are equipped with artificial intelligence algorithms that allow them to analyze and interpret video data in real-time. Unlike traditional surveillance cameras, AI cameras can recognize objects, detect anomalies, and provide actionable insights, making them more intelligent and proactive in enhancing security.

Our Penetration Testing service involves a comprehensive evaluation of applications and mobile apps to identify vulnerabilities assess potential risks and security flaws to provide recommended mitigation strategies. The service can be structured as a one-off project engagement or regularly. Penetration tests under the subscription model ensure ongoing security with monthly, annual, or semi-annual tests in applications.

Organizations should consider privacy concerns related to AI cameras, ethical use of surveillance data, and data security measures. Striking a balance between security and privacy is crucial, and organizations must comply with data protection regulations.

The future of AI cameras and VMS holds exciting possibilities, including the prevalence of edge computing for real-time processing, integration with 5G networks for faster data transmission, and the development of more advanced AI-driven analytics for deeper insights and predictive capabilities in video surveillance.

There is a range of edge computing security risks that pose the highest threat to the organizations due to vulnerable Edge security architecture:
● Theft of the data on a device.
● Data exfiltration on a device.
● A distributed ransomware attack.
● Unauthorized access to centralized computing resources.

Penetration Testing service can be bundled as an add-on with other security solutions like Edge Networking, monitoring tools, or application software. This flexibility allows customers to enhance their overall security posture while integrating seamlessly.

Yes. The enterprise version of Edge Impulse can integrate directly with your cloud service to access and transform data.

To get an indication of time per inference we show performance metrics in every DSP and ML block in the Studio. Multiply this by the active power consumption of your MCU to get an indication of power cost per inference.